Mie2015, the 26th Medical Informatics Europe conference, took place on 27 - 29 May 2015 in Madrid, Spain. The chosen theme of MIE2015 "Digital healthcare empowering Europeans"  includes a topic called "Research and Education" in which the project team have submitted its contribution.

  • Development of Knowledge Profiles for International eHealth eLearning Courses (J. Herzog et al.)

The submission has been accepted as full paper.

The conference has been sponsored by European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and Sociedad Española de Informática de la Salud (SEIS).


May 2015 - eHL project team participated in one of the largest European conference on Medical Informatics

From 27 to 29 May 2015 the 26th Medical Informatics Europe Conference (MIE2015) with the chosen theme "Digital healthcare empowering Europeans" was held. The project team presented the current projects results including the process of defining the knowledge profiles. In addition to gaining insight into international research activities, new contacts could be made and existing contacts could be strengthen. 

J. Herzog at MIE 2015
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The eHealth Summit Austria 2015 was held in Vienna during June 18-19, 2015. It is the largest national eHealth event in Austria which focused this year mainly on the topic: "Innovative Health Perspectives: Personalized Health". Again this year, the project team participated with an appropriate publication:

  • Development of a Virtual Lab for Practical eLearning in eHealth (Herzog Juliane et al.):

From left to right: J. Pavão, M. Forjan, V. Costa, M. Frohner, R. Bastardo, L. Torres Pereira, S. Allmayer

May 2015 - Workshop with network partners at UAS Technikum Wien

From 26 to 29 May 2015 a delegation of the Protuguese university UTAD in Vila Real visited the UAS Technikum Wien to extend the sustainable cooperation in education and research between both universities. During the visit the students of the UAS Technikum Wien benefit from the international experiences within the areas of Medical Informatics, Big Data and Design in Information Visualisation. All activities have been supported by the Center for International Relations.

February 2015 - Second visit in Portugal

During a second visit in Protugal in february 2015,  the cooperation between the project team, the UAS Technikum Wien and the Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro could be expanded. Besides of the discussion on the development of course contents, the work on a Double Degree Master's programme was continued. One highlight was the banquet with seven representatives from the northern regions of Portugal.

From left to right: J. Herzog, P. Urbauer

November 2014 - Interview about Gender & Diversity

In November 2014, Juliane Herzog and Philipp Urbauer from the project team, had the possibility to speak on gender & diversity aspects in the project and in education.

To view the whole interview (in German language), please click here.

October 2014 - Workshop on EHRs in Portugal

In october 2014, the members of the research focus eHealth and the project were invited to give a workshop on Electronic Health Records in Portugal. The workshop was aimed at different user groups: politicians, software specialists, physicians and clinicians. In further meetings with the network partners, the knowledge profiles developed within the project were discussed and a Double Degree programme between the UAS Technikum Wien and the Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro was planned.

From left to right: V. Costa, P. Urbauer, M. Frohner, M. Forjan, S. Sauermann, R. Bastardo, J. Pavão
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The eHealth Summit Austria 2014 will be held in Vienna during May 22-23, 2014. It is the largest national eHealth event in Austria which focuses mainly on the topic: "Outcomes Research: The use of healthcare-IT". The project team participated with appropriate publications and held their tradtional annual workshop as part of the scientific conference.

The teams publications introduce the results of the first phase of the eHL project. In the workshop existing educational offers were analysed and a survey was conducted among professionals active in healthcare. Draft profiles of skills and educational offers will be presented as a foundation for detailed work on educational requirements in the next phases.

May 2014 - Network partners visit the UAS Technikum Wien

On 22 and 23 May 2014 our network partners visited the project team of the "eLearning4eHealth Network" project at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien:

  • Luis José Calçada Torres Pereira
  • Sylvia Thun
  • Jan Muzik
  • Justin Fyfe
  • Nelson P. Rocha

During this visit, they contribute in the educational and planning workshop for the establishment and definition of skill profiles for eHealth. Also, strategic meetings were held together with the network partners to discuss future plannings and cooperations as well as develop relevant course contents in education for eHealth.

Furthermore, Juerg Bleuer, University of Applied Sciences Bern and member of HL7 Switzerland, was very interested to join the project as a new network partner.

Additionally, the annual national eHealth Summit Austria took place at the same time where the project team participated with their traditional workshop and relevant scientific dissemination.

From left to right: M. Frohner, J. Muzik, N. P. Rocha, M. Forjan, L. Torres Pereira, R. Bastardo, J. Pavão, J. Lameirão, V. Costa, J. Bleuer, J. Fyfe, P. Urbauer
From left to right: P. Urbauer, S. Sauermann, C. Parisot

February 2014 - International activities in standardisation of interoperability in healthcare

During the IHE Technical Committee at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien further steps of harmonisation of international certification programmes and future cooperations were discussed with Charles Parisot, Founding and Board Member of IHE International.

December 2013 - New cooperation partners for the research focus eHealth

The experts of the Czech eHealth centre visited the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien and the team of the eHealth research focus in order to identify common project topics as well as similarities and differences of both countries in the field of telemedicine. In particular, the idea of the eHL project was widely approved by the Czech eHealth experts.

From left to right: J. Herzog, M. Frohner, Z. Gütter, S. Sauermann, M. Taborsky, L. Roubik, V. David, P. Urbauer