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Project application of the UAS Technikum Wien selected for funding in the framework of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships!

The project PrepaCareXR aims at creating digital twins for healthcare training by combining e-resources and cross-border best practices of a multidisciplinary and international group of experts in healthcare, engineering, and design and visualisation as well as medical professionals. By using real-world applications, ICT-enriched learning, and collaborative practices, focus is set on the inclusive nature of learning and teaching opportunities in the various formats (blended, distance, on-site). PrepaCareXR enables the shift of healthcare training to blended and distance learning and proposes a new way of educating current and future healthcare professionals to improve efficiency and competitiveness of the European healthcare sector.

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Computer based learning

The first learning scenario deals with the clinical processes to be applied in the course of complex airway management (obstruction of the airway). Participants have to select the correct treatment pathway for the simulated situation based on an underlying decision tree. This exercise is specifically designed for emergency room staff.

Virtual Reality Applications

The most recent approach is a virtual reality (VR) application that can be used in a team mode to practise and consolidate communication processes. Further treatment and simulation scenarios will be developed in the further course of the project.


1st Transnational Meeting

2nd Transnational Meeting

Blended mobility of higher education students

Intensive programmes for teaching staff

3rd Transnational Meeting

Project Kickoff

From Concepts to Implementation

XR Usability from the Perspective of Healthcare Students

How to Apply XR for Healthcare Training

The Future of Healthcare Training in XR

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Andrea Balz

Research & Development

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