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The goal of the project Health-CONNECT is to strengthen the competences within the multidisciplinary and future oriented topic “eHealth” at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. This task will be mainly supported by setting up and extending the strategies for internationalisation in the “eHealth” area. Within the project curricula, learning goals and contents of the study programs, which are involved in this area, at the UAS Technikum Wien will be synchronised with those of the partner universities in Portugal (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), Vila Real) and in Germany (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena und Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena). The central method of this project will be the representation of competences and topics by lecturers and researchers of UAS Technikum Wien.

The study programs concerned, hosted at two institutes at the UAS Technikum Wien and strongly engaged in the research focus “Secure Services, eHealth & Mobility”, will undergo an increased internationalisation and will be tightly attuned for the sake of increasing synergetic effects in lecturing for eHealth, by this project. This project shall achieve (1) a sustainable integration of staff and student mobility within the study programs concerned, (2) shall support the enlargement of the individual intercultural competences and (3) shall simultaneously internationalise the learning goals and contents of the study programs concerned. Therefore, the project Health-CONNECT will analyse one Bachelor degree and three Master degree study programs, which are characterised in their contents by a thematic focus on eHealth and will synchronise the learning goals and contents as well as the options for mobility with the partner universities and will integrate the findings exemplarily in the regarding curriculum. Within these tasks the possibilities for choosing an academic career will also be elaborated (for example BSc in Jena, MSc in Vienna, PhD in Vila Real).

Moreover, a pilot implementation is planned, targeting the evaluation of the exemplary implementation of the internationalisation measures. Due to the fact, that the topic of eHealth is perceived partially as too abstract, annual “eHealth Summer Schools” are planned to be performed on a rotational principle at the partner universities. The contents and different areas of knowledge of this topic can be presented in a connected and “touchable” manner by this measure. Moreover, potential inhibition thresholds and prejudice against the interconnected topic of “Technology & Health” can be actively addressed and decreased by this measure. It is the goal to likewise increase the attractivity of the study offer at UAS Technikum Wien, which is related to this topic and to strengthen the location Vienna as centre of education and competence in this field.


  • Internationalisation for one Bachelor- and three Master degree programs related to the intersectional field of eHealth
  • Facilitate the mobility of students within the study programs concerned
  • Facilitate the mobility of lecturers within the study programs concerned
  • Conceptual synchronisation of the curricula on an international scale
  • Decreasing potential inhibition thresholds and prejudice against the topic of “Technology & Health”
  • Increasing the awareness of eHealth connected studies offered at the UAS Technikum Wien
  • Increasing the intercultural competence of students and lecturers
  • Strengthening the international network of partner universities within the field of eHealth

Project Supervisor:

Matthias Frohner

Research & Development

+43 1 333 40 77-0

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Meet Our Team

Matthias Frohner
Matthias FrohnerSenior Researcher/Lecturer
Andrea Balz
Andrea BalzResearcher/Lecturer
Iris Nemec
Iris NemecSenior Researcher/Lecturer
Richard Pasteka
Richard PastekaResearcher/Lecturer
Pedro Santos
Pedro SantosResearcher/Lecturer
Michaela Malaskova
Michaela MalaskovaResearcher/Lecturer
Mathias Forjan
Mathias ForjanSenior Researcher/Lecturer
Stefan Sauermann
Stefan SauermannSenior Researcher/Lecturer

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